New Blog Design!

New Blog Design!

Over the past few months, we have been pondering ways to freshen up the blog. With the new year come and gone, there was no better time than the present.

We wanted something clean, efficient, with the right splash of color to draw in our readers. WordPress has a huge variety of themes and styles, all available for free, so we were able to explore. (Some of you may have noticed our tinkering if you were reading posts at the same time.) With all these options, it took us a while to find “the one.”

Our search continued for about a week, and we dove into more dizzying aspects of page editing tools. We sifted through the WordPress themes, seeing plenty we liked, but none we loved or that would present our content well enough.

Megan found a theme through a site called a site called, appropriately named “Elegant.” We both had stars in our eyes. Everything we wanted in the new blog design, this theme had it: clean, white background, beautiful font, a top-bar menu, that pop of color.¬†Unfortunately, implementing Elegant turned into a complicated array of adjusting, checking, and googling solutions, which seemed like a lot of confusing work for a theme that didn’t come free.

We turned back to WordPress, where Katie found a theme called “Savant” that had most everything we wanted. It wasn’t as crisp as “Elegant,” but the page preview was still handsome. However, this theme also came with bugs or confusing code after we clicked apply – this time in a banner image that we could neither seem to banish nor change.

Before we could become too frustrated or disoriented, Megan found the winner.


Our new theme is called “Kale.” It was a simple process to adapt the style to our previous content, and it looks like it’ll be easier still to upload and share new posts.

We hope you enjoy the new format as much as we do! We’ll continue to give you updates on our writing journeys. As ever, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or posting on our social media accounts.



Megan and Katie