Let me tell you a story…

So, today I went into a bookstore…

I know. That’s how most of my stories start.

But this one is different.

Well, not that different.


this time was different because I talked to book people! I met the loveliest older lady, who I started talking to… After I shamefacedly put my stack of books on the counter.

I was only going to buy one. 

But, well.

So, originally I was going to get one book. Then three, and then I realized that I needed John Boyne’s new book, The Heart’s Invisible Furies… And they had it in the bookstore. So, as I sighed and pulled out my credit card, an older lady leaned around the corner and said, “We’re soulmates. Buying books hurts my budget… But it’s a good addiction to have.”

I’ve never agreed with anything so much in my whole life. So we chatted about how I had just bought a new bookshelf… And now needed another.

It was really nice to connect with another person. Reading/writing can be a lonely endeavor, so when I meet book people, I really love it.

Now, how to become a book person?


And we can all become friends.



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