Best Books I’ve Read in Summer 2018

Best Books I’ve Read in Summer 2018

Okay, guys.

I’ll be honest. I seem to have lost all self-control when it comes to buying books.

“But wait!” everyone screams. “Did you ever have self-control when it comes to books?”

I did. Thank you for asking.

(In a completely unrelated note, I wrote about my book-buying “issues” last summer)

I read The Guardian every week. They have a lovely section about books and writers and I make sure I keep up with their recommendations. In July, they published this list of 2018 Summer Reads picked by some of my favorite authors.

So… events transpired.

Once those events concluded I had a lovely new stack of books.

Then my Dad forced me (under threat of death) to go to the new Amazon Bookstore near us. I didn’t end up liking it much (too much tech, not enough books, too small, no cafe) BUT they did give you prime pricing if you were a member = a second lovely stack of books.

Then Prime Day happened and… more events transpired.

A third lovely stack of books.

I’ll be honest, I started getting panicky at this point. I literally was stressed at all the books I’d bought/had on my TBR (to-be-read) list. So, I do what I always do when I get stressed. I went to the bookstore with Katie.



A shameful number of lovely stacks of books later…

And I want to share some with you so you can share the book-buying-shame and go buy stacks of books that might or might not have made your husband fear for your life because of books stacks so near your head when you sleep…

The Wood by John Lewis-Stempel

You might think this book is about the woods. You’d be right. What you don’t know is that it’s the most lyrical, informative, fast-moving book about nature that I have ever read. It’s been a delight to read each night, deeply moving, yet exciting. I haven’t actually finished it yet, because I’m trying to savor it (I’m in May, DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BABY OWLS I’M WAITING TO FIND OUT FOR MYSELF), but it’s a truly wonderful reminder to get back into nature and enjoy the peace of the woods.

BUY IT (PLEASE) here. 

Educated by Tara Westover

Wow. When I finished this memoir I set it down gently like it was made of glass and laid on my bed staring at the ceiling. Tara Westover is a brilliant writer with an incredible story of her life growing up with survivalists parents, receiving almost no education. Even still, she was able to go to college, then get a degree from Cambridge. It’s haunting. Moving. Heartbreaking. Uplifting.


The Everyday Poet by Deborah Alma

Wanting to get into poetry but not sure where to start? Deborah Alma’s anthology is perfect for this. I read more poetry than anyone I know, but I loved this anthology. This collection shows that poetry doesn’t have to be scary, pretentious, or, my biggest pet peeve, rhyme all the time! (see what I did there?)

BUY IT HERE and enjoy!

My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz

Ever since coming back from Paris, I’ve been obsessed with Paris, particularly, the food. However, I do find French food a bit intimidating to cook. But, when I saw the cover of this cookbook (roasted chicken, my favorite!) I couldn’t resist! Filled with anecdotes on Parisian life, ingredients, and recipes, this is a lovely wander through French cuisine.

BUY IT (AND EAT) here.

Those are my top books for this summer. Now, I’m going to keep plowing through my TBR pile and try not to get so stressed that I buy more books…

Wish me luck! (also, take away my credit cards/all forms of money)



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