Today it is enough to…

Today it is enough to…

I recently discovered the talented artist and writer Candace Rose Rardon. She is a travel writer and I found myself poring over her work.

In one of her posts she mentioned a quote that she loved from writer Gretel Ehrlich, “Today it is enough to make a shadow…” and it really got me thinking.  

It’s been a long couple of months. I’m waiting for projects to pan out, for things to end, for things to begin, and it’s made me feel… dissatisfied. Sometimes (often, always) it’s hard to wait. Especially when waiting is all you can do.

But I’ve realized that I’m often so stressed about big things, that I forget to notice the beauty of little moments. Watching cream spiral through coffee, the sun shining through the worn pages of a book, tree-dappled light sparking on my wooden floor.

Sometimes I forget that these small things are what make up a life.

And I don’t want to live halfway, waiting for the weekend/the evening/next month to happen.

I think that’s why the idea of “today it is enough to…” really hit me. I’m going to remind myself of this when I’m frustrated, when I’m tired of waiting, when I ache to know.


Today it is enough to watch the street lighten and wave to the neighborhood cats as I run early in the morning.

Today it is enough to feel and hear and see the crunch of leaves as I leave for work.

Today it is enough to see my husband smile when I walk in the door.

Today, the small things are enough.