Productivity is finally organizing my GIANT stack of greeting cards

Productivity is finally organizing my GIANT stack of greeting cards

Saturday started a little odd. I woke up around 8am feeling like I wanted to get THINGS done. But I didn’t know what kind of things.

We’re still looking around for a new place to live (update: we are looking to move in the same area but into a house within a nicer neighborhood). We are hesitating to pack, because we don’t really know when we’ll be moving or how long we’ll have to live out of boxes.

I could write a blog post, because I’m trying to become more consistent with this (look at me go, another week, another post!), but I didn’t really have anything noteworthy to discuss.

Eventually I decided I would organize my music library, because nothing brings me that particular sense of joy and achievement as bringing greater organization to various aspects of my life.

Why yes, organizing does spark joy.

I got rid of iTunes some months ago because it was bogging down my computer, but this morning I saw a Rolling Stone article.) The title said that Apple was going to be ending iTunes completely. No time like the present to finally get rid of those lingering iTunes files that buried my music in several layers of subfolders. But I did not stop there, oh no.

I bought some music. Some digital mp3 files.

I know. I was shocked too. But I finally decided to join the 21st century. I am not always a supporter of instant gratification. I think it erodes patience and appreciation when it becomes habitual. But there is something to be said for being able to buy the music, download the music, and have the music all in the space of a few minutes. There was a warning about the potential decrease in quality. Unlike CDs where you rip the songs onto your hard drive, downloading digital music means dealing with smaller files that are not as good at preventing data loss during transfer. But so far, so good.

Now I just have to figure out how to enable some kind of device/storage/streaming tactic to listen to all this music in my car…Yes, I am 25 going on 26, why do you ask?

The day did not end there. While running some errands, I bought some book rings and a hole puncher for a special project, which has been percolating in my brain since I moved to Cincinnati in 2015: the organization of my greetings cards.

I have kept most of the greeting cards I have ever received. Which means I have greeting cards going back to the early 2000’s. I think my first one was from my dad. By individual measure, cards from my dad are probably the majority. We’re pen pals. ♥

While I was living in Cincinnati I decided to look for a way to bundle and store the cards efficiently. I found this company called Postmarked, which sells greeting card albums with plastic sleeves built specifically for greeting cards. The sleeve slips over both sides of the card so you can flip through the cards like a photo album, while still being able to open the cards and read the text inside. This was especially exciting because many of the cards I’d collected have mini letters inside that I still love to read.

The problem was the sheer number of cards I’d kept. Even buying two albums and extra packs of sleeves (about $50), I still had a giant stack of cards. Putting the cards into the sleeves took hours. And because of the expense, I could not justify continuously buying more albums. Which I would definitely need. The card collecting has not ceased.

Anyway, back to this weekend- I finally figured out a solution that would actually work for my needs and my wallet. It’s so simple, I feel like a dingbat for not realizing it before.

Book rings. I can punch a hole in the cards and put them on book rings. And then, I can put them in a box or on a shelf and I’ll never have to worry about them getting out of order. Ever. Again.

This is the end result!
Seriously though, I have a lot of cards

And right after I finished punching holes and getting all the cards organized, I realized two things.

First, I have finally finished unpacking from my Cincinnati move to Baltimore. I’d kept the greeting cards and albums in a box that has been living under my desk, unpacked. Now that box is empty. Just in time to start packing up again for another move. Perfect!

Second, I could write a blog post about this. Because of course this is what everyone wants to read about. On the other side of my sarcasm though, I really feel quite victorious, and that is something worth sharing.


In the process of writing and grabbing images for this blog, I also organized my photos and pulled them off my phone: a bonus feat of organization. All in all, it’s been a pretty victorious weekend, vanquishing chaos, instilling order throughout my belongings, and getting some pretty tasty barbecue along the way. Hope everyone else had their own version of a successful weekend!

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