New Home

New Home

Remember how I was attempting to post on a weekly basis? Wasn’t that a fun exercise?

We’ve been pretty busy over the past month, and not in the normal life-chaos-busy, but productive-executing-life-change busy.

My partner and I wanted to move to a better area that would improve our commutes, but the housing and rental market is tight right now. We were struggling to find a place that had the right square footage and layout for what we needed (so many books!), while remaining in our price range. After a few weeks of searching and feeling a bit dejected, a friend introduced us to another couple, also on the house/apartment hunt.

That opened up a whole new avenue of options for us. Though that search too was challenging (multiple times, houses were signed before we could even schedule a tour), we found a winner.

Tardis-level house: deceptively compact on the outside, ultra spacious on the inside

It’s a 5-bedroom/2-bathroom house, plus a basement. The four of us moved in over a period of several weeks, and now we finally have most everything organized, cleaned, and arranged so the rooms are functional and comfortable. It’s a cape cod style house on a corner lot of a quiet neighborhood street, which means, in spite of the lack of a driveway, there is plenty of parking! Since the house is connected to one thermostat/central AC on the main floor, my room and the shared study upstairs are cozy and warm, and the basement is frigid–er, I mean a perfectly cool cave for the gentlemen of the house. The two smallest rooms have been transformed into our multi-room library. The basement is game-heaven.

The landlord renovated the sunroom to expand the kitchen and install an additional set of kitchen cupboards, so we have plenty of storage space, although it did take some creative organization to get everything settled in a semi-logical manner. The important thing is the menagerie of mugs have a lovely new home in some deep drawers, surrounded by tea-related apparatuses and mixtures. Also, we have a dishwasher. I repeat, we have a dishwasher!

The dining room / land of tea ♥

The bathrooms are unique and have definitely grown on me in the short time we’ve lived here. Most of the wall is tiled, and because of the slanted roof, there’s barely enough clearance in the tub. But this just contributes to the sense of charm, and it’s interesting being in a space that is exactly my size.

The door has a tiny, intricate, old-fashioned knocker with mother-of-pearl inlay. Is it normal to swoon over tiny architectural touches like this?

I already posted one of these photos on Twitter as part of the sneak peak, but I’ll include them here, because the upstairs rooms are my favorite. Original hardwood floors (a little scuffed, but that just makes them less intimidating), and there is so much light. The way we’ve divided the study makes it feel peopled, spacious, and yet intimate – personal. We have space to put our unique stamp on our corners of the room, and there’s good synergy between the spaces.

Long story short – I love the new space and I’m so excited to start a new journey with our roommates. It’s nice to have others in the house, nice to sit down at a dinner table and eat together, to binge-watch the last half of Stranger Things 3 (I quiet-sobbed at the end, which made my new roommate cry too – she held it together until she noticed my lack of composure! And then the guys teased us about how sappy we were). We’ve got plans to build a compost pile and a garden, and we’re looking forward to decorating for trick-or-treaters. It’s been a long time since I’ve truly felt at home in the places I’ve lived. The atmosphere of this house gives me hope that – in spite of the temporary/rental nature – we can still build happy memories.

Yay, home vibes ♥