Welcome to the Roaring ’20s

Welcome to the Roaring ’20s

It’s easy to look back and see only the bad or hard things that happened in the year. But on the first day of a new decade, I want to look back and see the good. And for me, 2019 had a lot of good.

Katie and I went on a writing retreat to Chincoteague Island in January. We spent about 12 hours writing most days, but also went for long (and cold!) beach walks.

We took a family trip to California to see where Tyler grew up.

I loved the area (especially the coffee and the sea) but mostly especially seeing one of our closest friends, Cody, who lives in the area.

April’s wedding in Paris. The whole family was able to go and it was magical.

Finishing the first draft of my latest book, Evensong. I had a hard time figuring out what to write this year, but I’m pretty excited about my two very dysfunctional sisters, Aster and Ivy, and the secrets they keep.

My plans for 2020? Well, I’m ready to rock the roaring ’20s aesthetic.

I’m mostly going to continue to do things with my favorite person in the world. Can’t wait to see what another decade together will look like.

Tyler and I on my 17th birthday in 2010
2019- So proud of our glow up

But mostly? I’m going to work my way through the massive pile of books I got for Christmas…

Wishing you all a wonderful new year! Let’s rock it Gatsby-style (only with less death at the end).