Sibling Day Or Something Like That

I heard it was national sibling day or something like that… I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I had various friends on Facebook writing touching posts to their siblings.

That made me think I should too.

Then I thought, that would be 7, no 5, 6? posts?

I have a lot of siblings.

One older sister, four younger sisters and two younger brothers (I just had to do the counting thing again).

I really enjoyed growing up with so many siblings, and because I was one of the oldest that meant there was always someone to tie to the pole in the basement (He was a prisoner so he had to be tied up, and his fingers didn’t get that blue…) or to push out of their/your seat on the couch.

It’s fun to get to know each other as adults as well, because now there are only 2 under 18’s left

*Mom cries here*

I like them. Most days, I even love them.

I like that we all have diverse interest and hobbies:

Erin cooks for a living (literally the worst job on the planet for me, thanks for the yummy food)

Patrick is studying law (second worst job, but perks, free lawyer if I ever get into trouble! + Notting Hill, Dan in Real Life, About Time, Secret Life of Walter Mitty forever <3)

April is brilliantly studying diplomacy in Paris (miss you <3)

Sarah is a yoga and fitness guru, her passion and dedication put me to shame (Thanks for encouraging me to run!)

Fiona is interested in fashion and poli-sci (+ my shopping & Princess Diaries buddy)

Brendan is an avid reader and smart, chill dude (who is always willing to have a lengthy philosophical discussion with me about Sith (Star Wars, guys) politics).

So all in all, I am thankful for my siblings.

Cheers to you, and us, guys. Hopefully one day we’ll all (semi-peacefully) rule the world together.

We can each take a continent.

Dibs on Europe.

(Sorry to whoever gets Antarctica, maybe try penguins with that… hehe).