Welcome, Edie

Adelaide is out in the world. I started querying nearly a month ago and now I’m ready to work on something else.

Don’t get me wrong, if I get representation for Adelaide then it will most likely go through more edits and revisions, but for now, I’ve done all I can do.

That’s why I’m working on something new. There was a large space of time in between querying The Lights of Portballintrae and starting Adelaide, and it drove me crazy.

First, just waiting around to hear back from agents is not a fun thing to do… There are only so many times you can check your email in a day.

I also missed writing something new. A writer who isn’t writing… well, it’s not pretty.

That’s why I’m starting a new book now. It’s currently called Flame of Burnt Brandy and features a woman named Edie Wren as the main character.

At this point I don’t know much about Edie… Only that she was born color-blind and when she hits her head one day, she opens her eyes to a totally different world… one full of color.

Here’s the first thing Edie sees after hitting her head. Anyone know where this is?
I’ll give you a hint… It’s a cathedral in London

Welcome, Edie.



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