Writers (& agents & editors) Deserve Vacations Too

It’s hard to take a vacation as a writer. I carry paper with me no matter where I go, so I’m always prepared to write down thoughts and ideas and sentences.

Any day that I don’t write I tend to feel guilty. “Writers write” is an oft-repeated (and important) phrase, but I sometimes I forget that being a writer doesn’t mean that I can never take a break.

When I went to Paris last year I didn’t write. I brought my laptop, but I don’t think I cracked it open. And I came back… Refreshed. I had seen a different place, had new experiences, met different people, and I was bursting with ideas for my book.

In just 6 weeks (!!!) Tyler and I will be off to Ireland and the UK for two weeks. We’re going to spend 9 days with my wonderful in-laws in the countryside of West Ireland (County Kerry), and then Tyler and I will be off for another 5 days for a trip through Wales, Cornwall, and Oxford.

Portmagee, Ireland, my favorite spot in the country.
From my last trip to Ireland- Ring of Kerry

I’ll be sure to post an update and put pictures up once we return.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to take a break for those two weeks and come back bristling with new ideas.

I know taking a break can be difficult and guilt-inducing, but you need it. I need it. The agents and editors that have your queries and manuscripts need it.

There are plenty of health benefits that come from traveling beyond giving your imagination a break… You can check them out here. (See, now you can say that travel is good for you, too!)

So go ahead and give yourself (and others) some grace and time to enjoy the world we’re living in (and writing about).



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