A Jonas Week

Man, last week… It just kicked my butt.

You know how some days you wake up feeling really refreshed and ready to greet the day?

That’s not how my Monday started. Instead, I looked like this:

The rest of the week followed in a similar fashion. My work week was awful and I was tired every day.

I decided it was a week to give up. So I did. I ate what I wanted regardless of health or calories. I didn’t exercise. I complained a lot and cried a bit.

All my drinks were topped with whipped cream and caramel.

I gave myself time to be miserable, which I think is an incredibly important part of life. Be miserable for a while. Eat bad things. Binge Netflix.

But get up again. Writers especially need to do this. We get so many no’s. So many “sorry, not for me”‘s…

Here’s what I say: revel in it. Do the things that will help you feel immediately better… but don’t stop there.

Start writing again. Send out more queries. Drink tea, and remember that there is still much that is beautiful in this world.

Yesterday Tyler and I went to see “The Big Sick” –a hilarious and touching rom-com that I can’t recommend enough. Then we went to a restaurant that served all day breakfast:

I got a fried chicken eggs benedict. It was heaven.

On our drive home, we had the windows down. The summer night was warm and full of fireflies. We saw a baby fox (I’m now insisting that Tyler buy me a domesticated fox…) and a young deer with full antlers.

It was beautiful.

And today… Well, today is a new week. I’m going to move past last week’s disappointments. I’m going to try to change the things I’m not happy about.

I’m going to send out more queries.

I’m going to write.

Later this week I’m going to spend some time in NYC with my sister, Erin. We’re going to see Anastasia on Broadway.

So it WILL be a better week than last week. I guarantee it.

I’m sorry if you’re sad and miserable. I’m sorry that agents say no, and that work can sometimes feel like a stone around your neck.

Eat that brownie. Lay on your carpet and cry.

But once the week is over, remember: we live in an awfully beautiful world.